27 November 2009

Mekong Donations To Typhoon Relief

An update on the relief effort from Mekong Circle Treasurer Bik Marquez:

After searching for the right organization to channel your donation to the victims of typhoons in the Philippines, we are recommending that we choose ABS-CBN Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization based in San Mateo County, California, through their Sagip Kapamilya (Family Rescue) program.

You may learn more about ABS-CBN Foundation if you visit their website at www.abs-cbnfoundation.org or www.sagipkapamilya.com.

We are recommending ABS-CBN Foundation since 100% of your donation is given to the Philippine victims. Other nonprofit organization charges from 7 percent to 23 percent (maximum allowed by law).

Let me know if you have other ideas as soon as possible. We must deliver our help now since another typhoon is raging in the Philippines.

Thank you.

Bik Marquez


A big, big "Salamat" to all who generously gave to our Ondoy and Pepeng typhoon victims in the Philippines. A total of $1,495 were sent to our Treasurer Bik Marquez and transmitted in the name of Mekong Circle International to ABS-CBN Foundation. Members who donated were: Becky Ciborski, Fe Casher, Penelope Flores, Erlinda Masibay, Anita Marquez, Pete Fuentecilla, Tony & Cora Sazon, Cesar & Linda Mendoza, Bert & Melanie Reyes, Steven & Sabina Swift, Orlando & Cecile Datu, Josefina Nantes, and Pat Gonzales.

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