18 January 2010

Maybe it's the weather, or the Lao-lao, or whatever ...

When Dr. Orlando “Bingbing” Alagar tied the marriage “baci” knots with Lao princess Somprasong in 1961 in Paksong, Champassak province, it was among the first nuptials in Laos between a Filipino and a Lao.

Such pairings were rare among the couplings that Penny Flores recorded in her “Marriage Grid,” published in her “Goodbye Vientiane” anthology. (Have you bought your copy yet? Contact her at 415 584 3962).

More numerous were marriages between Filipinos, celebrated on Lao soil or somewhere else. Penny charts them in alphabetical order, between and among members of OB, USAID, Air America, ECCOIL, Continental Air Services, Canadian International Commission.

We reproduce here the full table – 82 couples in all.

We are told that there were marriages officiated by the local Chaomuong (provincial Governors) that the parties preferred to keep quiet. As a result, this list maybe incomplete.

Your help is solicited in updating it. For example, include Labao, Enrique OB nurse who married Cely Isidro, OB med tech. Corrections: Datu, Angelito of OICC did not get married in Laos. And his wife is not Laotian. Jess Ramos (OB) married Connie (OB); Mario Morales did not marry Maria Domingo.

Marriage Grid (part 1)
Marriage Grid (part 2)
Marriage Grid (part 3)

Text by Pete Fuentecilla

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